A wedding is a truly magical event. It’s a singular moment in two people’s lives which bind them together. Two roads come together to form one path to a beautiful future. It’s little wonder that people want to mark the occasion with an equally monumental gift. However, that does pose some issues. How does one come up with a gift that can hold up to all the joy and wonder of marriage? Thankfully more incredible ideas come to people over time. And by 2020 one has a lot of ideas to build off of.

It’s often a good idea to try basing gift ideas from moments in the couple’s life. In the context of a wedding the couple is joining quite a few things together. Their living space is often one example of this idea. Their surnames are yet another example of things joining. As such, gift ideas featuring the couple’s surname can prove to be a joyous reminder of the event. And all the better if it’s something symbolizing the joy involved in setting up a new home. As such a personalized sign is a great idea for a unique wedding gift.

The idea of using names can extend to other things. For example, 2020 has seen increased interest in health and wellness. Part of this involves people cooking at home more often. And one would be hard pressed to think of something more wonderfully domestic as home cooked meals. Even more so when the couple comes together to make something amazing together in the kitchen. This is why personalized bamboo cutting boards are proving a popular idea for 2020. It’s a wedding gift that keeps people focused on the most important parts of a marriage.

The previous idea also leads into an important point about gifts. A gift should always serve a purpose. Art enriches the spirit. As such there’s always room for artistry in exclusion of anything else. However, there’s something special about artistry which goes hand in hand with something more utilitarian. A bamboo cutting board is one example. But one can take this idea to a different type of cooking. Many people have put together grilling tools for outdoor cookouts. These sets can have a beautifully designed case with the couple’s names on them. And it can even form a perfect pair with the cutting board.

Of course this isn’t to say that beauty for the sake of beauty should be ignored. One of the classic wedding gift ideas has seen a recent reinvention. Beautiful glass decanters are one of the top trends of 2020. It’s easy to see why too.

A decanter can evoke a similar beauty to that of a diamond. When people look at decanters they’ll think about the timeless beauty of a diamond. Now, one can take that even further by framing that beauty in a number of different ways. Some engraving can evoke a similar feeling to the previous items. However, it’s usually best to keep things to a minimum. One doesn’t want to essentially gild a lily. Instead, just putting the couple’s initials on a decanter can evoke great memories and emotions amid that beauty.

Finally, one can think about ways to adorn the home. A canvas print of the couple’s vows or their wedding song can be a beautiful way to remind them of the wedding. But even a more abstract representation of their love can function in a similar way. For example, a painting of something they both hold dear to themselves can be wonderfully effective. The most important thing is that the gift evoke love and beauty within the couple’s hearts.