A lot of people ask this question before they take on guitar lessons. Even though it takes years to master the instrument to perfection, but still you can learn to play certain songs in a specific amount of time.

Today we will try to figure out how long does it actually take to learn guitar.

As a beginner your instructor will teach you how to play different chords in different ways. During the first three months you will be able to understand rhythm and start strumming on your guitar. It is not easy to strum and hit the right chords, but you will be able to achieve this in the first three months if you practice 1-2 hours every week. If you practice more, then you can get the same results much faster.

After three months you will have a better understanding of your basics, and you will be able to assess your limitations and strengths. You will be able to play most of the chords with perfection and you shall move onto playing more complex ways of playing chords. Chords C, D and E are considered to be open chords which are used in a lot of songs. In this phase you should focus on mastering these chords. This will expand your ability to play a wide range of songs instead of just handful of tunes. It takes another two to three months to master these open chords with the same amount of practice everyday as mentioned in the previous phase.

In your fifth or sixth month, you will feel comfortable with your guitar. This is the phase when you develop confidence in your skills. You might not be playing amazing singles just yet but you will be good enough to play in front of an audience. In this phase you will also learn some other complex open chords such as F, Dm and Bb. You should also begin to explore scales. This is a difficult phase and it takes longer than usual to complete. Success of this phase depends on a number of factors such as your consistency with your guitar lessons and how interested you still are in the instrument. A lot of people who start to learn just to try their hand at it often loose interest in this phase as things start to get difficult.

Once you are in your guitar lessons for approximately 8 to 12 months, you will be able to play a wide variety of songs in front of an audience. You can always continue with your guitar lessons because there is still a lot of things that you can learn on your guitar. Generally, after a year into practice people start tackling barre chords, which is a big challenge for guitar learners. But the rewards are huge as the entire fretboard opens up to you. Guitar is a very complex instrument. How long will it take for you to learn depends how much do you really want to explore the instrument.