Let’s start with some statistics on motherhood community fundraising. Outside of the major holiday and end-of-year giving seasons, Mother’s Day is the day of the year with the most spending. On Mother’s Day, Americans are said to spend a staggering $25 billion dollars honoring their mothers and other significant female figures in their life. These dollars are used to purchase a wide range of goods, including jewelry, cards, consumer electronics, and unique experiences. Jewelry and special occasions are where people spend the most money each year. For more information on handling life as a single mom, visit Motherhood Community.

That being said, how can Mother’s Day benefit your company? Here are a few quick suggestions to motivate your supporters to help mothers AND your cause this Mother’s Day.

  • Jewelry for a Cause

Supporters can use some sparkly new jewelry to say “I love you, Mom.” In the months leading up to Mother’s Day, collaborate with a neighborhood jewelry shop, franchise, or online merchant to donate a part of sales to benefit your cause. In 2019, Art in Action collaborated with a local retailer of well-known national jewelry brand Kendra Scott to organize a local shopping event where 20% of purchases (including those made online through a unique link!) were donated to AiA. Additionally, they conducted a student art competition to create a unique Art in Action necklace that would be sold that day, with even more of the earnings going to the nonprofit.

  • Card Service

Consider using an online service like Postable.com to assist reduce the hassle of purchasing and mailing Mother’s Day cards to your loved ones. Have members of your team, donors, recipients, or volunteers create some unique Mother’s Day card greetings for your cause. Choose a few to print with a platform like Shutterfly. Hold an online fundraising event where you may sell the cards and provide a service where you can write, address, and mail the cards for a small cost. Gain names and addresses for future mailings, raise money, and increase awareness all at once!

  • Wine and Painting Night

Since 2014, the popularity of paint night parties has exploded, especially among the motherhood community, who make up 90% of ticket purchasers. Tickets for a girls’ night out like this cost between $50 and $100. Use this idea to generate money for your charity this Mother’s Day. Partner with a neighborhood establishment that is often closed after hours, like a coffee shop. Find your inner artist, and have fun making something that all parents could like. Sell tickets to participate and additional refreshments for the main event while tying the evening’s theme to your cause (such as Pinot & Paint for Pandas). Give out a prize for the evening’s most well-liked painting!

  • Tales of Courageous Mothers

Choose three to five inspiring tales of moms in your network to share with your neighborhood. For instance, it might be the account of your bold female founder, a volunteer who has been pushing for change, or a supporter who has persevered despite great adversity and serves as an example to others. In the days before Mother’s Day, share these tales on social media and in your email newsletter. Launch an online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign in honor of one of these amazing motherhood community to raise a specific sum of money that is meaningful to your organization and the mothers affected (for example, $66,000 for the 66,000 women who succumb to lung cancer each year). You could do this by using the free Facebook donate button. Encourage your supporters to organize their own fundraising events by telling the tales of the tenacious mothers they have fought for.

  • A movie night on Mother’s Day

Create a movie that emphasizes mothers or your cause. Before the movie, hold a virtual or in-person discussion to honor the mothers who are featured. The movie can then be viewed locally or remotely.


One of the most common ways for groups to generate money has always been through events. Peer-to-peer fundraising, sponsorships, ticket sales, or any combination of these three tactics are excellent ways to increase your fundraising potential at events.