The world of video gaming has been as turbulent as it’s been meteoric over the past few years. Nevertheless, it’s proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that it’s a lucrative industry, offering opportunities for people to kick back and have some fun.

Interestingly enough, there is still quite a bit of uncertainty regarding the future of gaming. It’s going in various directions, and it’s challenging to predict just where gaming will end up within the next several years. From iGaming platforms like to international console companies like Xbox, here are some of the biggest changes that are coming to gaming and what it might mean to gamers all over the world.

  • The strange position of eSports

So long as there’s competition in gaming, there will always be a place for eSports. Some of the very best games in the eSports genre are about the various sports that people play on the international stage. However, it’s gotten to a point where team-based FPS shooters are slowly but surely fizzling out in the online space. This has to do with some of the biggest gaming giants earning the ire of their fans for one reason or another, and it puts eSports in a strange position.

It’s still set to continue taking the world of gaming by storm, but it does so in a surprisingly muted fashion. Fortunately, most people value convenience and accessibility over many other things, meaning there will always be an audience for eSports.

  • The direction of mobile games in the future

Mobile gaming has proven that it can handle AAA industries and make money alongside the best of them. Mobile gaming is likely the most lucrative industry of video gaming today, mainly due to the micro transaction-based business strategy.

That said, the rise of cryptocurrency and NFT games has put mobile gaming in a position to potentially earn a significant amount, or fall short of expectations. It’s an interesting time to be a mobile gamer, as there are so many different things to try that you’re practically spoiled for choice.

  • Innovation in every direction

One of the best examples would be virtual reality, which looks to create the most immersive experience in gaming. AAA game developers are taking it slow regarding VR titles, looking for the best way to improve VR gaming. There’s also augmented reality, which is not only making its way to gaming but in most business sectors. As if that wasn’t enough, retro gaming is experiencing yet another renaissance as more and more people get into collecting the timeless classics.

The biggest changes that are coming to gaming can be considered something of a crossroads, as it seeks to transform the gaming industry into one thing or another. There are those that would push it toward innovation for gameplay and entertainment, while others still push it toward a more lucrative industry that focuses on earning. Only time will tell which of the two becomes the priority of gaming companies in the years to come.