It can be difficult to shop for family and friends during the middle of a global pandemic. Fortunately, the global market has made it easier than ever before to send gifts you’ve bought online. From the perfect flower arrangements to toys and gifts with a personal connection to recipients, there are still many ways you can show your loved ones you care with the perfect gifts. If you’re looking for some creative gifts to send with that gorgeous bouquet for any holiday, read on for some ideas.

Say it with flowers.

Gifts can come in a number of ways. From gift cards to flowers, there are so many easy ways to send love through the mail in the middle of a pandemic—ways that might work well for any holiday. The Bouqs Mother’s Day arrangements are the perfect example of a stunning bouquet of flowers that can put an instant smile on your mom’s face. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for Mother’s Day to send a beautiful bouquet. Think about birthdays, get well gestures, the arrival of new babies, and Easter as perfect reasons to find a special bouquet for someone you love.

When choosing a bouquet as a gift, take some extra time to think about color and symbolism. Maybe you’re planning to send roses to your sweetheart simply to say you miss her. Red roses mean passion while pink mean friendship and nurturing. Knowing the difference and asking a local florist can help. Select your blooms based not only on color but also personal preference. If you know your loved one loves wildflowers, for example, consider daisies. If she loves delicate beauty, maybe orchids are the right blooms. The more thought you put into your bouquet of fresh flowers, the more your recipient will enjoy it.

Send some fun.

Nothing beats getting a surprise toy in the mail. Kids of all ages love the hours of fun they can have with magnetic blocks meant to challenge the mind. For adult workers working remotely, these quirky toys are a also great way to pass the time during long Zoom meetings. They work for kids, too. When considering a gift for any occasion, don’t forget to throw some fun into it.

With more people home than usual during the global pandemic, boredom and depression are here more than ever before, especially in the winter months. Even the most serious and grown up people on your gift lists might love the excuse of a toy, jigsaw puzzle, or movie they love to wind down and block the world out.

Get creative with gift-giving.


With people spending more time than usual at home, another great gift idea is subscription services aimed at interests. A quick Google search for ‘subscription box’ services will point you in the direction of Cratejoy and other platforms with hundreds of monthly boxes to choose from. Boxes range in themes from interests to educational products and can be delivered to loved ones at regular intervals or given on a one time basis. A creative option for anyone on your list, these boxes keep giving and can be fun to look forward to. Have your recipient wait until your Zoom meeting to open it, and you can be part of the fun in digging through a creative box of mystery surprises, too.

Make gifts personal.


You’re likely no different from the people you’re shopping for. Push your own boredom away by making homemade gifts for any holiday this year. If you’re great at painting, for example, think about pulling out those old brushes and creating the perfect wall art for anyone on your list. A handmade gift can go a long way in making a person you haven’t seen in a while feel special and not forgotten. The best part is that, while making it, you’ll be thinking of them the same way they will you when they look at it for years to come regardless of your distance.

At the end of the day, whether you’re sending fresh flowers, wooden toys, a storage case, or your loved one’s favorites, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. By taking time to do some research, finding a great price point for your budget, and planning well in advance of any occasion, you’ll be sure to find the right gift for any holiday in spite of the pandemic. Happy gift-giving to you!