You had a night out with your pals in Miami, and now, you are struck with a hangover that doesn’t seem to improve. If you consume a lot of alcohol within a few hours, dehydration is likely. Also, you may have some of the common hangover symptoms, including dizziness, headache, body pain, nausea, and uneasiness. There are some known Florida cure hangover services that can offer IV therapy, which is known to work wonders. In this post, we are sharing more on the hangover cures that really work.

IV therapy

There are all kinds of packages in IV therapy that work for hangovers, but in essence, the idea is to replenish the lost vitamins, electrolytes. In general, IV therapy for hangover is designed for dehydration, and if you have any symptoms such as headache and nausea, you may be administered medications via IV too. This allows for better hydration, and you can also get antioxidants, such as dexpanthenol. Some IV therapy packages also include 30-minute oxygen therapy.


While you may not be able to drink a lot of water right away with a hangover, but sipping water slowly, especially before you get IV therapy, can help. This will help in restoring the lost water, and more importantly, you can expect to reduce your nausea considerably. Do not drink coffee as it can actually lead to more dehydration.


Sleeping off a hangover may not work, but you can feel better when you sleep more. Just make sure that you don’t wait for too long to call for IV therapy, because if your hangover lingers on for long, the symptoms are only going to get worse.

You can also consume some lemon water to get rid of the toxins in your body, but this again doesn’t work to get rid of all hangover symptoms.